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Northern Sweden

8 reasons for touring Sweden’s northernmost regions

Photo: Friluftsbyn Höga Kusten/

Västernorrland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten are far away from the routes much-frequented by package deal tourism. Vast stretches of the counties are virtually untouched, and Västerbotten in particular is seen as an insider tip with almost limitless opportunities – from whitewater rafting on the “Vindelälven” river to trekking along the Kungsleden to sociable tastings in craft breweries.

Be it a warm summer day or a rough Atlantic low pressure zone: Experiences in northern Sweden are always intense. Nowhere else are you made so aware of the extreme differences between the seasons. Midnight sun in summer, Northern Lights in winter. Warm summer days in August, bone-chilling cold with temperatures well below freezing in December.

Nature supplies impressions that become imprinted on your mind and could not be more diversified: Extensive forests and moors, wild rivers and waterfalls, thousands of coastal islands, beautiful mountain peaks in the Fjäll.

Seeing animals in the wild is something very special. Encounters with reindeers are almost guaranteed in northern Sweden; the herds of the Sami are common in many parts of the Fjäll. With a bit of luck you may catch sight of an elk, snow fox or fish eagle.

Norrbotten and parts of Västerbotten – like stretches of Finland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia – belong to the Arctic region. Up there on the Arctic Circle it is peaceful and secluded; it’s perfect for anyone seeking to take a break from today’s hectic life.

Gourmets will be delighted by Nordic cuisine. The best of what the regions have to offer lands on the table. Treasures of nature – berries, herbs, mushrooms, fish and game specialities – play the leading role in many kitchens.

Scandinavia offers the very best conditions for extended trekking tours and flexible camping adventures. This is made possible by the everyman’s right which allows hiking and camping everywhere in the wilderness. The only exceptions are fenced-off private land and farmlands.

Eight seasons and the endless landscapes leave their mark on the people (…statistically, there is 4 square kilometres of space for every inhabitant of northern Sweden). Those interested in the country and its people can meet fascinating characters at ice hockey games, festivals, markets or over a casual cup of coffee.


For nature boys, outdoor ladies, Northern Lights chasers & connoisseurs


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About Coast to Fjäll

Authentic adventure – perfectly organized

Tourism with nature, not against it. COAST TO FJÄLL stands for nature-friendly tours in small groups. Our programme comprises hiking, trekking and gourmet tours; the starting points are Sundsvall (Västernorrland) as well as Umeå and Hemavan (Västerbotten).


To ensure that our tours do not become stressful expeditions, we take care of orientation along the way. We look after the bookings for accommodations and/or provide first-class camping equipment and organise the necessary transfers. Furthermore, on all our tours we endeavour to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible – from putting together the equipment and the choice of transport to the planned route.


COAST TO FJÄLL offers experiences for the eyes, palate and mind. Anyone who travels with us across the often uninhabited expanse of northern Sweden gets a feeling for the seemingly boundless countryside. What remains are impressions that stay with you for many weeks and months. Or, in other words: COAST TO FJÄLL is the perfect choice for all who want to learn about the many fascinating faces of Scandinavia.

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