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1. Conclusion of the travel contract


Bookings made in writing or by email are subject to the following provisions:


1.1 By making a booking (registering for travel), the customer makes an offer to COAST TO FJÄLL to conclude the travel contract with binding effect.


1.2 The contract shall be formed when the booking confirmation (declaration of acceptance) of COAST TO FJÄLL is received. Upon or immediately after the conclusion of the contract, COAST TO FJÄLL shall send the customer confirmation of the booking in written or electronic form.


With regard to e-commerce bookings (e.g. online) the conclusion of contracts is subject to the following provisions:


1.3 The electronic booking process is explained to the customer in the respective application.


1.4 The customer will have the option to correct his/her entries or delete or reset the entire booking form, and the use of this option will be explained.


1.5 By clicking on “Book” or a similar formulation, the customer makes an offer to COAST TO FJÄLL to conclude the travel contract with binding effect.


1.6 The customer will receive an electronic confirmation stating that his/her registration for travel was received without undue delay (acknowledgement of receipt).


1.7 The fact that the registration for travel is transmitted by clicking on the button does not give rise to a claim by the customer that a contract will be formed.


1.8 The contract is only formed upon the customer’s receipt of the booking confirmation from COAST TO FJÄLL.


1.9 COAST TO FJÄLL emphasises that, in accordance with legal provisions of sections 312(7), 312g(2) sentence 1 no. 9 BGB), there is no right of revocation for travel contracts pursuant to Section 651a and 651c BGB concluded by distance selling (letters, emails, online services); instead, the customer has statutory rights of withdrawal and termination, especially the right of withdrawal pursuant to Section 651h BGB.


2. Services and Prices


2.1 The scope of the services, which COAST TO FJÄLL is obliged to perform, is set out in the contents of the booking confirmation in association with the tour description valid at the time of the tour.


2.2 Connecting journeys (outward journey to the starting point of the tour / return journey from the destination of the tour) must be organised and booked by the customer himself.


3. Payment


3.1 A down payment of 25% of the travel price is due for payment following contract conclusion (receipt of the booking confirmation) and receipt of the risk coverage certificate pursuant to Section 651 r BGB in conjunction with Article 252 EGBGB.


3.2 Payment is made by credit card or bank transfer directly to COAST TO FJÄLL, depending on the payment method chosen by the customer.


3.3 The outstanding amount shall fall due 30 days before the start of the trip insofar as the risk coverage certificate has been issued and COAST TO FJÄLL can no longer exercise its right of revocation for the reasons set out in 5. Where bookings are made within 30 days of the start of the trip, the travel price shall be due in full without delay insofar as the risk coverage certificate has been issued.


3.4 If the customer does not make the down payment and/or the outstanding payment by the agreed due dates, even though COAST TO FJÄLL is willing and able to duly render the contractual services and has fulfilled its statutory information obligations and the customer does not have a statutory or contractual right of retention, COAST TO FJÄLL shall be entitled, after issuing a reminder and setting a final deadline, to cancel the travel contract and charge the customer cancellation costs as set out in 6.2.


3.5 After full payment for the tour, but no earlier than four weeks before the start of the tour, the customer will be issued with his travel documents. 4. Changes to contractual content


4.1 Deviations in essential characteristics of the travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract which were not caused by COAST TO FJÄLL in bad faith and which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract shall be permitted vis-à-vis COAST TO FJÄLL before the start of travel if the deviations are not of major significance and do not impair the overall nature of the trip booked.


4.2 Changes include: changes to other accommodation, changes in travel times and / or routes that may be due to safety or weather conditions.


4.3 COAST TO FJÄLL is obliged to inform the customer of changes to services immediately after it becomes aware of the reason.


4.4 If the change affects the content of the travel contract, the customer shall be entitled, within a suitable period set by COAST TO FJÄLL, either accept the change or cancel the travel contract without charge.


4.5 If the customer does not respond to COAST TO FJÄLL at all or within the period set, the communicated change shall be deemed to have been accepted.


5. Cancellation of the contract owing to the minimum number of participants not being reached


If the minimum number of participants specified in the catalogue or the booking confirmation is not reached, COAST TO FJÄLL may cancel the travel contract up to 35 days prior to the start of the tour. COAST TO FJÄLL is obliged to inform the traveller that the precondition for the cancellation of the tour has been met as soon as this situation arises and to send him the cancellation declaration without delay. If the trip is not undertaken for this reason, COAST TO FJÄLL must refund the customer’s payments made towards the travel price without delay, and in any case within 14 days after receipt of the cancellation declaration.


6. Cancellation by the customer before the start of the cruise / cancellation costs


6.1 The customer may cancel the travel contract at any time before the start of the tour. A cancellation declaration must be sent to COAST TO FJÄLL. If the trip was booked through a travel agent, the cancellation declaration may also be sent to this agent.


6.2 In the event of cancellation by the customer, a percentage rate of compensation for travel arrangements made and expenses incurred shall become payable, the amount of which depends on the date when the cancellation declaration is received and the expected amount of saved expenses.


The rate of compensation is calculated as follows: up to 31 days before begin of the tour 25 % 30 days or less before begin of the tour 40 % 24 days or less before begin of the tour 50 % 17 days or less before begin of the tour 60 % 10 days or less before begin of the tour 80 % 3 days before begin of the tour or cancellation on the day of the begin of the tour or no-show 90 %


6.3 Before the tour begins, the traveller may request, in accordance with Section 651e BGB, that a third party assume his/her rights and obligations arising from the travel contract. Such a declaration shall be deemed timely if COAST TO FJÄLL receives it seven days before the start of the tour. COAST TO FJÄLL may refuse to accept substitution by the third party if he or she does not satisfy the specific travel requirements or if statutory provisions or administrative orders stand in the way of his or her participation.


7. Changes of bookings


After conclusion of the contract, the customer does not have any entitlement to changes in respect of the date of the tour, the destination, the place of departure, the accommodation or the means of transport (changes to bookings).


8. Unused services


If the customer/traveller does not utilise certain travel services that have been offered in the proper way owing to reasons which are his own responsibility (e.g. his leaving the tour prematurely or other compelling reasons), he shall not be entitled to claim a refund of a proportional amount of the travel price.


9. The traveller’s obligation to provide assistance


9.1 If the trip is not executed free of deficiencies, the traveller may demand redress. The traveller is obliged to notify the tour guide at the travel destination about the deficiencies without delay. If there is no tour guide at the travel destination, any deficiencies in the tour must be reported to COAST TO FJÄLL at its headquarter.


9.2 If a traveller wishes to terminate the travel contract on account of a travel deficiency of the kind described in Section 651i(2) BGB, if it is significant, in accordance with Section 651l BGB, he/she must grant COAST TO FJÄLL a reasonable period to remedy the situation in advance.


10. Limitation of liability


10.1 The contractual liability of COAST TO FJÄLL for damage – excluding physical injury and culpably caused damage – is limited to three times the travel price.


10.2 COAST TO FJÄLL is not liable for impairments of performance, personal injury or property damage in connection with services for which it has merely acted as an agent (e.g. excursions) if these services are explicitly specified in the trip advertisement and the booking confirmation as external services, citing the name and address of the contractual partner providing the service, in such a way that the traveller has been clearly informed that these services are not within the scope of the travel services and have been selected separately. Sections 651b, 651c, 651w and 641y BGB remain unaffected by this. 11. MicroCabins


11.1 MicroCabins may only be occupied by the maximum number of persons stated in the description of the cabin. However, the tenant may bring one child under the age of two (2) in additional to the maximum number of persons stated.


11.2 If the maximum number of persons is exceeded, COAST TO FJÄLL and the MicroCabin owner are entitled to demand that any persons in excess of the permitted number leave the cabin.


11.3 The tenant can move in after 3:00 pm.


11.4 Tents may not be pitched and campers etc. may not be parked on the site. It is the tenant’s obligation to clean the holiday home. Upon departure, the MicroCabin, furniture and equipment must be cleaned.


11.5 On the day the rental period ends, the tenant must leave the MicroCabin at 11:00 am at the latest. Windows and doors have to be closed when leaving the MicroCabin in order to avoid damages due to trespass or severe weather.


11.6 When the key for the MicroCabin is picked up, a deposit is required. The deposit payment is made as a guarantee for getting back the key and for the tenant leaving the holiday home clean and without any damages at departure. Deposit payment for MicroCabins in Sweden: SEK 2.000,– (2 – 7 nights) / SEK 3.500,– (8 – 14 nights).


11.7 The tenant may bring up to one (1) dog in the holiday homes marked with a dog symbol in the description of the MicroCabin.


11.8 Smoking is prohibited in MicroCabins.


11.9 In case of loss of the key/s the acquisition value will be charged to the guest.


11.10 Minimum age for bookings: 18 years.


12. Passport, Visa and Health regulations


12.1 Every traveller must carry a valid identity card or passport.


12.2 The customer is responsible for obtaining and carrying the officially required travel documents, for any necessary vaccinations and for adherence to customs and foreign currency regulations. Any disadvantages which arise as a result of non-adherence to these regulations, e.g. the payment of cancellation costs, will be charged to the customer.


13. Information on consumer dispute resolution


COAST TO FJÄLL emphasises in relation to the Act on consumer dispute resolution that it does not participate in voluntary consumer dispute resolution. For all travel contracts concluded in electronic business transactions, COAST TO FJÄLL refers to the European online dispute resolution platform


14. Assignment


Without the consent of COAST TO FJÄLL, the customer cannot transfer (assign) claims against COAST TO FJÄLL to third parties in part or in whole.


15. Applicable law and jurisdiction


15.1 German law applies exclusively to the contractual relationship between the customer and COAST TO FJÄLL.


15.2 Customers may only bring action against COAST TO FJÄLL at its registered office in Stuttgart.


15.3 For action brought by COAST TO FJÄLL against customers, the customer’s place of residence is decisive. Stuttgart is agreed as the place of jurisdiction for action brought against customers who are merchants, legal entities under public or private law or persons whose place of residence or usual abode is abroad or whose place of residence or usual abode is unknown at the time the action is filed.